CEO Message

CEO Message

with constant passion and challenge,
is standing out as the world best shipbuilding
and marine engineering corporation.

Hello, I'm Hong Kyung Pyo, CEO of Sedong Precision & Co.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers for their great interest and encouragement in our company.
Sedong Precision Industries Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing shipbuilding and ocean-related equipment, such as offshore plants, power plant plants, ship engine piping and other equipment plumbing.
It was established in 1989 and has been pursuing customer-oriented growth with an emphasis on the best technology and optimal human resources development in 20 years.
To create new values, Sedong Precision Industries is striving hard to repay customers by pursuing continuous change and innovation in order to produce the highest quality products by making every single effort.
Sedong Precision Industries Co., Ltd., which aims to establish the management of co-prosperity and sharing, promises to do its best to become a member of the social community, a loved one, and a respected one.
I hope you will continue to send more attention and encouragement to Sedong Precision Industries Co.
Thank you.

Hong Kyung-pyo, CEO of Se-dong Precision & Co.