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3.Power piping (ASME B31.1Code)

Power piping (ASME B31.1Code)

  • PLEM piping for Refurbishment of a SPM Buoy (End user : S-oil)

    Main steam piping of GE out-sourcing on the steam turbine (High alloy : A335 P91)

    P.E Coating piping

    External power piping (Pohang by product Gas CCPP #1,2 : BHI)

    Internal power piping for Boiler (Brazil CSP / ASME Sec I)

    Mashinloc power plant Expansion project Steam Blowing piping of Posco e&c

    Mashinloc power plant Expansion project Shop fabricated piping of Posco e&c

    SHIN PYEONGTAEK Combined cycle power plant Shop Fabricated piping

    Stainless steel piping

    Fire extinguishing piping line / etc..