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Facility holding status

Facility holding status


Cold Bending M/C

(Up to Φ100 etc.)

CNC Bending M/C

20~80A Bending M/C 4set(CNC 1set, NC 2set)
100A Bending M/C 2set


CNC Cutting M/C

(Up to Φ600)

Hack saw Cutting M/C

(Up to Φ1000)

Facing M/C

(Up to Φ800)

CNC cutting M/C 1set
Manual cutting M/C 4set
Facing M/C 2set


Rotating welding M/C

(Up to Φ1000 etc.)

Turnning roller with Automatic welding M/C

(Up to Φ3000)

Rotator M/C 8set
Positioner 3set
Turnining M/C 3set
Portable Heat-treatment M/C 2set
Welding M/C 60set


Lathe M/C/th> 3set
Milling M/C 1set
Drilling M/C 4set
Beveling M/C 1set